Today should’ve been a PR day all over the place considering I had the best pre-workout stuff eva; Starbucks green tea AND  a 200 count container of fruit adventure Tic tacs!




I mean I did have a rep PR for 155lbs for 2 sets of 8, BUT I was hoping for a rep PR with my drop set of  145lbs for 15 reps, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  A couple things went wrong aside from muscle failure around rep 11:

1. I adjusted my feet, which I should not have done it completely loosened my back and I was no longer tight under the bar

2. Midway thru my set my iPod malfunctioned and BIG TIME RUSH started blasting in my ear…WTF who can train to Nick Tunes?? (not even sure how one of my daughters songs found it’s way onto my iPod-I’ll address this saboteur later).


Needless to say I am used to training alone and am able to stay fairly calm when things go awry.  I normally always bench n squat in a rack, however, today I was not able to do that and I was confident in my ability to handle the weight especially since it was a higher rep day (guess I shouldn’t have been so darn confident).  So, if you are going to fail, keep your head, stay in control and roll it off without popping an implant or crushing your esophagus.  Funny enough right after this happened a guy came over and said he was glad he saw it (thanks…i think?) because he learned what to do should he ever be alone.  AGAIN ALWAYS HAVE A SPOTTER OR BE  IN A RACK-only posting the video for those of you that are stubborn and don’t ask for help like yours truly.