When I’m in the gym I want more muscle, but when I leave here I’m not so sure.

As a woman who lifts and carries more muscle than the average person might like, I can somewhat relate to this statement.  In the gym you’re in your environment where people know you.  Lifting heavy, having delts and veins popping out is accepted and celebrated.  Once outside that environment there’s a good chance you’re gonna run into people that just don’t get it.  Worse yet you run into the idiots of the world that think it’s okay to ask or say the most off the wall shit.

Comments like:

I bet your man listens to everything you say or you might beat him up.

Those legs could probably crush a skull.

I bet you could pick me up and carry me.

Ewww you’re looking way too big, pretty soon you’re gonna be mistaken for a lesbian (because all lesbians lift weights duh).

It’s annoying to say the least especially when you’re dressed up and trying to look “girlie” yet you have the feeling that the minute you turn around your back will break the seams in your dress and that would probably send” I bet you could pick me up and carry me” guy into a frenzy.

They dont make clothes for girls that lift..

Cause sometimes we break seams….

Worse yet, when comments come from other females or people that are supposed to care about you. What happened to just keeping quiet if you have nothing of value to say?

I’ll be completely honest; outside the gym I sometimes intentionally wear long sleeves because that’s easier than feeling like a sideshow that is going to flex on command.   Besides, I’m pretty sure there are sub sites for that these days.

What do you mean I’m not everyone’s cup of tea?!

Let’s face reality for a moment, you will never please or have the acceptance of everyone…hard to believe, I know.   Yes, there will be those moments when people say some hurtful things and make you question your path.  Put a video on Youtube, or open an Instagram account and you’ll find out very quickly what people think about you be it positive, or negative.  Unfortunately, I think people tend to internalize the negative.  You have to reach a point where you let comments roll off and not affect your inner happiness.  Some days are easier than others and I’m definitely not above getting upset at times where I want to reach through the screen and squeeze the life out of the person on the other end (with my massive thighs of course).

That feeling quickly passes though when I remember why I go to the gym. I love being strong, muscular with callused hands and bruised shins even if that means sometimes I’m ridiculed for it. I love knowing that I can do things that most of the population can’t do.  I beam with pride when my kids go to school and tell their friends that their mom is the strongest and does handstands.  Most of all I do it because it makes me HAPPY and I like having abs. Of course, when someone draws you as a superhero that’s pretty damn cool too.


Ultimately, you have to do what makes YOU happy and not be persuaded by the gym crowd or the non gym goers.  Life is way too short to give more than a seconds thought to some asshole you don’t know that doesn’t like your bicep or quad sweep or lack thereof.  Here’s to having the confidence to be who you want to be.