I normally start off Friday’s dead lifting….but I really hate squatting and figured I should just get it over with first and maybe some strength miracle would happen.  Of course, the squat gods HATE me and thus it was sucky as usual. That being said Deads were a bit harder after the fact but I got it done anyway.  I need to start employing the Tony Robbins method on squats “what the mind conceives the body will achieve”… either that or build an alter and burn some incense….


Bar x many
185 x 4
225x2x3 sets


315x1x4 sets w/ 30 s rest-wanted 6 but had to settle for 4 cuz my form was failing. I used my gymboss for the intervals-if you want one you can find one here


Vid of deads….before I get a million comments about my back rounding yes it rounds but I don’t see how it’s possible to not round when pulling heavy! I weigh 113 I’m pulling 315 so yes form may break but needless to say the people that never lift will comment on how my spine is gonna break, how horrible my form is etc etc etc..

Leg Press with 3 ct pause
2 45lb plates each side
4 sets of 8 

45 Degree Extensions

50 total reps
Leg curls
40lbs x 50 total reps


I also did some stuff for my sad lil calves….one day they’ll grow. As always I did some handstands later in the day when I should’ve been house cleaning- yes my spine is so jacked up from the deads that this happened!