It’s true some people should do the world a favor and not procreate, however, I overheard the most disturbing conversation the other day while in line at Starbucks.  Two, in shape girls talking about not wanting kids because they didn’t want to “ruin” their bodies.  It made me wonder if this is the new consensus among females today living in this, daily look at me, look at me, selfie narcissistic society.

Kids aren’t a physique death sentence

You can still train while pregnant. As long as there are no complications and you are healthy training is actually good for you.  By no means does this mean you get pregnant and decide marathon running is the new sport for you. I’m talking about continuing with activities that your body was already accustomed to.  Listen to your doctor, your body and above all be smart.  When your 7 months pregnant laying hamstring curls aren’t the best idea. Stay off your stomach and adapt your exercises to your changing body.   I trained the entire time during both of my pregnancies, it made labor easier and keeps some semblance of normalcy in your life, especially when you are used to being active and training heavy.  You have to keep in mind that this is a time when you’re not trying to add to your total and set new PR’s, training while pregnant should be more about maintenance and preserving the muscle you already have.

When you are used to looking a certain way it is scary to see your body change, I can honestly say I was not the girl that was proudly displaying my baby bump in a bikini.  Not that I didn’t think it was a beautiful experience but that sort of thing just creeps me out, that and those women that breastfeed in public with nothing covering them (but I diverge).  The point is changes do happen but it’s for a short time and with proper nutrition and continued activity you don’t have to gain 80lbs and morph into a different person.


Get out already!

I remember after my first child was born thinking, “oh thank God I can get back to my usual routine” WRONG!  This isn’t Hollywood and unless you have access to nannies and plastic surgeons your routine your LIFE changes…but I promise you it’s for the better!

I gained 20 pounds with my daughter and I remember being really upset in the hospital because I could literally pull the skin on my stomach like a rubber band (except it didn’t have that awesome snap back effect like one). I cried thinking a flat tight stomach was a thing of the past.  My husband was amazing because he assured me that it was going to be ok and that I would always be beautiful. On one hand you’re in awe of this new little life you’re holding and on the other you feel like your body has just turned against you.   As with most things in life you have to BE PATIENT- the body is an AMAZING thing and eventually it does tighten back up…. it just takes time.



Adjusting to a new person in the mix is probably the hardest part.  My first born cried…ALL OF THE TIME.  She didn’t sleep through the night until she was 3 years old.  At times I was so tired I’m not sure if she cried or I cried more.  This didn’t mean I didn’t train, in fact I think it’s really important to make time for you.  An hour away from your child isn’t going to kill them, trust me you need the sanity break.  Most gyms have daycare available or you do trade times with your spouse. YOU MAKE IT WORK!!


My Post Prego Tips:

  • Immediately after birth (if you have the baby naturally) slap on a postpartum waist cincher (maybe this is a Mexican wives tale) but I did this after both kids and because the muscle are used to be pushed out for months this helps retrain the brain to hold everything  back in.
  • Make sure your doctor checks for belly muscle separation before returning back to any abdominal work.   You can also self check at home by googling “self check for Diastasis recti”
  • Take it slowly- don’t walk in the gym your first day expecting to squat your 1 rep max for reps.
  • Your body has changed-if you’ve given birth naturally your hips are probably wider etc etc….it’s ok you adapt and your squat technique will too.
  • ENJOY THE HELL out of your kids-they are the best thing that ever happened to you AND they will be at every meet cheering you on!

I mean the only thing better than taking selfies alone is taking them with your kids….