First off, sorry for the sporadic training log posts.  Between working, kids, and plain laziness I don’t always get around to typing out my workouts here on my site. Not to mention, I’m not really sure it’s one of those things that people really enjoy reading.  Admittedly, I am one of those odd people that enjoy seeing what other people do and how they organize their training days, their rep/set schemes etc etc. but aside from crazy Jennifer Petrosino and me, we may be the only psychos on the planet that do (first reason that I heart her).

Training solo: Yes, I train solo-mainly out of time constraints and squeezing in workouts when I can.  I believe there are pros n cons to both being alone and having a partner.  In a way I feel like un-racking and re-racking the weight yourself has certain strength advantages-I personally love that I don’t need to depend on a lift-off in order to get my shoulders set to bench.  I’ve un-racked 225lbs by myself (albeit it didn’t go back up-lol-see video here) but I was able to control the weight throughout the negative movement (and yes I know there are those that don’t like negatives for PL).  On the flip side, it would be nice to have a decent spotter that knows when and when not to touch the bar.  It would be nice to have someone helping you load and unload weights and push you on those days you just don’t have it in you.  On the other hand, I never have to wait on anyone (I hate people being late) I can move at my own pace, which is usually too fast for most, and I can listen to my iPod without feeling like a bitch.

3ct Pause Bench

Bar til the joints feel nice n warmies
135 x4
Touch and go Bench


Single arm db ohp


Chest supported rows

45lb plate x12
55 x10x3

Skull crushers

Military Push-ups

4 sets of 15(BW)

Various Ab stuff



I just love talking to Jennifer, mainly cause she tells me I don’t look like ewww in videos, hypes me up for my upcoming meet and then likens us both to mini dobermans.  Apparently, us small people have some crazy body dis-morphia issues, thanks for clearing that up girl.  Oh and she never corrects my god awful spelling errors…when I go back and re-read texts I honestly don’t know how she deciphers some them.   Proof that there are some really cool chicks in the lifting world. I HEART YOU JENNY P!!! 😉