clean face

So here you are, working out 5-6 days a week and you’re wearing your makeup to the gym. Really?!? You’ve heard that if you still look good at the end of your workout you didn’t work hard enough, haven’t you? We all know we should wash our makeup off before going to bed at night. Some of us even do that on a regular basis. But how many of us cleanse before or after a workout? I’m an esthetician and I will even admit that I don’t always take the time to cleanse pre or post WOD. (Yes, I’m one of those crossfitters)!


 First, I’ll give you a rundown of what a good, basic skincare routine should look like.


  1. Facials (every 4-6 weeks): You didn’t think an Esthetician would fail to recommend facials on a regular basis, did you? Of course not! Think of us as your personal trainer for your skin. Your skin changes all the time so what you’re doing now may not be the best thing in a few months, especially as the seasons change. Here’s a tip for you. Many spas will offer a FREE skincare consultation. They will of course try to sell you the product line they carry, but any good esti will seek to educate on what types of products are good for your skin, not just what they sell. I encourage my clients to bring in the products they are currently using so I can evaluate them adequately.
  2. Cleanser (morning and night): Oily skin types should opt for a gel cleanser, dry skin types will want something creamy.
  3. Exfoliate (2-3 times per week): If you have acne, go for an acid such as salicylic. Otherwise find a product that has some nice round beads in it. For the love of all that is good don’t use any product that has a ground up fruit in it. That will tear your skin up, causing more fine lines, wrinkles, and breakouts.
  4. Serum (morning and night, if you can afford it): Serums are the most potent part of any skincare line. They typically have the highest amount of active ingredients, which is why they are the most expensive piece as well.
  5. Moisturizer (morning and night): Oily skin needs a moisturizer too! Lack of moisture makes the skin produce more sebum, resulting in… you guessed it, a shiny face!
  6. Sunscreen (every.single.morning.): SPF 30+ and no, that makeup you’re wearing into the gym doesn’t count.
  7. Hydrate. It’s the easiest thing you can do for your skin. Coconut water is more hydrating than water plus it has tons of potassium in it!
  8. As a rule, give any skincare line a good 8 weeks to work minimum before you bail on it.


Okay, now that we have a baseline to work off let’s get back to the fact that you’re wearing makeup at the gym. Let’s say you’re working out over your lunch hour and for the sake of argument you need to look good for your corporate job. I get that. Let me tell you this: if your skin is healthy you need less makeup. Spend more time and energy on your skin in the mornings and at night so you don’t need to do a full application after your workout. Ok, so pre-workout cleanse. Save your money and skip the over-drying, alcohol-laden makeup remover cloths. Take a washcloth and wet it. Now wipe off your foundation and blush, and leave your eye makeup in tact. There, now your face can breathe as you go out there and have Marisa literally work your butt off. When you’re done with your workout, all you should have to re-apply is your foundation, blush, and lips. Once your skin is in good shape, reapplication shouldn’t take too long. Oh, and get rid of that mascara for crying out loud! Go get some NovaLash Eyelash extensions ( and you’ll never wear mascara again. ESPECIALLY in the gym.


CRAuthor: Christina Verg is a licensed Medical Aesthetician, mom, crossfitter and NovaLash Extensionist in Fort Collins, Colorado. She can be reached for services by appt. at AWP Esthetics & Spa 970-482-3473 or via email