If you are any kind of meat head you saw Pain and Gain this weekend.  As twisted as this movie is, these idiots went to the extreme to get something I think we all strive for….WE ALL JUST WANT MORE (just don’t commit a savage murder to get it). I don’t believe having more, whatever that “more” may be for you, just happens. You have to take steps to make it a reality.  Want more?!  Have a goal. As Mr. Wu, in the movie, says:

1. Get a goal.

2. Get a plan.

3. Get up off your ass.

Set goals and make what you want to happen actually happen and make em BIG goals!

  • Choose goals that reflect what you want most out of life
  • Write it down and look at it DAILY
  • Visualize your goal being achieved-The mind is a powerful thing, if you see failure you will become just that.
  • WORK harder-Don’t be consistent be RELENTLESS in your pursuit of it
  • Share them with others-BE ACCOUNTABLE to yourself and those people that care about you and want to see you succeed
  • There is no law of limitation-don’t let others set your standard, why should your goals be limited by what others think you can or cannot attain?! DREAM BIG

That last bullet point is my FAVORITE.  When your little you’re always told you can be whatever you want to be in life, but, somewhere along the way, circumstances and people set limitations for you.  I’m done with people telling me what is attainable.  Just because YOU cannot do it doesn’t mean it is impossible for me.

Time to share:

I WILL total 1000 in PL as a raw 114 or 103 lb lifter (If I can establish 107lbs as my new set point weight I will go ahead and compete in the 103.5 class-remember USAPL has same day weigh-ins so we don’t have the luxury of eating up)and I will do it DRUG FREE. Yes, drug free, contrary to YouTube comments and other forums I’m already juicing, however, I am and always have been drug free-I know there are people out there that would like to believe you can only lift heavy on the sauce-not true- some of us were BORN STRONG and choose not to take this route!

Impossible?  Nothing is impossible; my best total to date is 792 at 110lbs. I know that with TIME, DEDICATION and RELENTLESS pursuit of this goal I can add 208lbs somewhere.   As I make my way down to 103lbs I keep hearing I will lose strength and so far that HAS NOT happened. So far my abs have just gotten better 😉



Today’s Bench at 109lbs-170 x 3 reps (2 months ago at 116lbs I only had 2 reps in the tank)



This is saved on my phone- I look at EVERDAY along with goals.

My goals are BIG ENOUGH that in the process of achieving them I become something worth becoming.